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Party of Five


And then there were five.

Which, in my opinion, is actually kind of a lot to be going to the finale in the Bahamas. But nobody asked me.

At any rate, Top Chef is my favorite reality TV show about food. I love the challenges. I (usually) love getting to know the contestants. I love the judges.

As this season of Top Chef Masters winds down, I am rooting for Hootie-Hoo Carla. I don’t know if she’s technically the best chef, but I just adore her personality. As well as her huge hair, eyes, and expressions.

I mean, look at her. How can you not love Carla?

During last night’s elimination challenge where contestants created a personal meal based on their heritage, Carla’s cute husband showed up to support her. I just loved him, too. He was beaming with so much pride over Carla and her food. And then he told everyone how they met on They are too cutie-cute.

This is the guy she is yelling, “Hootie?!” to in the aisles at Whole Foods. And he is responding with a delightful “Hoo!”

My Top Chef predictions: Two people will be eliminated next week. Those two people should be Tiffany (because she doesn’t seem as skilled as the other chefs) and Mike (primarily because he annoys me—hey, if I can’t taste your food myself, I’m gonna base a lot of this on your personality). That will leave Carla, Richard, and Antonia as the final three chefs to battle it out.


4 thoughts on “Party of Five

  1. I am sooooo glad you are eating CROW!!! This is going to be a fun blog. Next time we are together let’s do a recipe exchange. I am ready for another cousin party!

  2. I totally agree! As much as I like Tiffany, she hasn’t really won an individual challenge in this season. 🙂

  3. Looks like you’re gonna have to break out the crow again. Mike is still in Top Chef and he WON the elimination challenge. But you were right about Tiffany. I think you may need to develop a recipe for souveed (sp?) crow.

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