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Adios las mexican food

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Mexican food is like a food group to me. You’ve got fruits, grains, meats, veggies, and cheap Mexican.

I think I’m the go-to girl for each one of my friends when they want Mexican food. I rarely say no. Until tomorrow.

For Lent, I am giving it up. That’s right—40 days and nights sans chips, burritos, and cheese sauce on top. Except when I go to Texas for my cousin’s wedding in April. I plan to take a Sabbath that weekend. But other than that, you will not see these feet walking into a Las Palmas. Cheese dip will not pass my lips.

To commemorate this fast, Christi and I decided to gorge ourselves on Mexican today at lunch. And it was exactly the cheesy, crunchy, spicy, gooey Fat Tuesday meal you would want right before you were giving it up for 40 days.

Let’s take a closer look at my plate.

Mmmmmm …

Not to worry Las Palmas on 8th—your retirement plan will be back after Easter!


One thought on “Adios las mexican food

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