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To the (TJ) Maxx


Any given trip to your local TJ Maxx could result in purchases from a dress and shoes to candles and perfume to bedding and rugs to work out clothes and yoga mats. (BTW, I have literally purchased all of these things there at one time or another.) But my favorite department is—big surprise—the kitchen accessories! You just never know what treasure you’ll happen upon. And, I have found that TJ Maxx always has that arbitrary strainer/grinder/masher that you randomly need. Good thing it’s only 2 miles from my house.

My latest trip resulted in stainless steel measuring cups and spoons, a sifter (every southern girl needs one, right?), and a meat thermometer (because it was there).

If you like bargain shoppin’ like your mama (as I do), get on over to TJ Maxx. It’s where it’s at. Or, you could go to Ross. They’re a bit more ghetto, but they do have pots for your kitchen.


2 thoughts on “To the (TJ) Maxx

  1. Girlfriend…between TJ Maxx and the Thrift stores….I get into a lot of trouble. There are just soooo many things that I think I can’t live without. I’m drawn to it all! I see no sense in going to the mall when you can get everything at one place and for such a great price. I have a thing for the dish department. I have started a collection of white pottery and dishes back when I was in high school. I still love it to this day. 🙂

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