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Royally Repulsive

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In honor of the royal wedding, I want to share something with you. Look—it’s a princely pizza.

Papa John’s may have better ingredients for better pizza, but I wouldn’t call a veil made of mushrooms regal. We are not amused.

The only word I have for this is, Eww. Who would buy this? Who would want to bite into Kate Middleton’s face? Why did Papa John’s of the UK think this was a good idea? In this article from Courier-Journal, we’re given some insight: “Don’t put it past Papa John’s to bring a little Papa Culture to the party!” company spokeswoman Tish Muldoon said.

OMG. She is genuinely excited about this.

Also, here is a fridge where Brits can store their leftovers if they don’t finish Will’s ham cube visage. Again, I say, Eww.


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