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Eat, Drink & Be Good

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I’m officially a joiner. Today I signed up to be a part of a local CSA through Avalon Acres located just outside of Nashville. Yippee!

I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of years, but I’ve wavered in the past because I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat everything before it goes bad. And maybe I won’t. But I figure:

1. I’ll be eating seasonal, locally grown, farm fresh fruits, vegetables & herbs.
2. I’ll be more creative with my meals since I’ll have to work around whatever I get.
3. It’s a fun surprise every week (and I like surprises).
4. It will probably beef up my blog. I can see many “What on earth do I make with this?” posts in the future.
5. I’m supporting local farmers who are bringing this stuff right to me (aka less time & money at Whole Foods).

So, I’m good on the veggie front for the next 26 weeks. Now, what about beverages? Last week Daily Candy informed me about CoffeeCSA.

Starting at $20 a month for 2 lbs. of coffee, you can really get to know your joe. Choose a specific farmer (who you can even correspond with!) from a particular country, or, if you’re into bean variety, go with the farmer-of-the-month plan. With no minimum sign-up period and the knowledge that you are helping small-scale farmers survive, how can you not feel good to the last drop?


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