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Mommy Dearest

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Happy Mother’s Day! In the last 24 hours, three people have announced to me that they are pregnant (one friend with twins!). So, in honor of these babies-to-be, and all of our mothers of course, I thought I’d post what I sent to my mom for her special day. These snazzy kitchen towels!


These towels I found at House 8810 were perfect because 1) it’s hard to love anything as much as biscuits & gravy (so mamas qualify) and 2) my mom is OBSESSED with coffee—she drinks multiple pots a day, and she has to have “her creamer.” Like, when she comes to visit, I make a special trip to Kroger to buy said creamer and Splenda for her “coffee time” each day. But she’s my mom, so she’s worth it.


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