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Music Makes the Kitchen Go ‘Round


Pretty much if there’s a pot on the stove or a knife in my hand, music is on and turned up. I can’t chop, simmer, and stir without tunes. It changes the whole experience. And I find that French music in particular gets me in the cooking mood. So, I channeled my inner Julia Child (a fellow American with a Frenchie soul) and created a playlist that melts my butter. I don’t even need to be cooking French food to listen to it.

What’s on your culinary playlist? Maybe you’re whiskin’ the night away or slicing & sautéing to Sinatra. Whatever is spinning, let the impromptu dancing with kitchen utensils begin!

Frenchified Playlist
Yields 3 to 4 hours of music

Something’s Gotta Give Soundtrack
Any random “Best French Songs” mix from iTunes
Billie Holiday’s Lady Day Album (OK, she’s not French or singing in French, but it goes. Feel free to substitute any jazzy album here.)
Amélie Soundtrack
“Via con me” by Paolo Conte (This is on every movie that even references France, including French Kiss and No Reservations.)
“Verlaine” by Charles Trenet
“Les yeux ouverts” by Emilie-Claire Barlow
“C’est si bon” by Eartha Kitt

  • Download all songs onto your computer and make a playlist.
  • Listen to the playlist on shuffle.

Do I know the words to these songs? No. Do I know what they are saying? Not really. Can I sing along? Sometimes. But we’re setting a mood here, people. That is what we are doing. So don’t forget to push play before you reach for that cutting board.


2 thoughts on “Music Makes the Kitchen Go ‘Round

  1. I love to listen to Jazz while I cook.

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