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First Visit to the Restaurant Supply Store

Charlotte Avenue is peppered with many lovely Nashville dining establishments. French treasure Miel sits just behind the beloved Bobbie’s Dairy Dip. And a few streets away there’s Coco’s Italian Market which I know has fabulous pizza and I hear has a delicious dining-in experience. These restaurants, along with several other ethnic eateries, might be the best motivation to venture west, but I have just discovered another reason—the L&L Restaurant Equipment store.

A plethora of commercial pots & pans, dinnerware, and heavy machinery sit inside. If you were opening a diner, it’s the place you’d go to buy things like plastic baskets, Parmesan cheese shakers, and napkin dispensers. The good news: This business is open to the public, and you can get restaurant-quality cookware at dirt cheap prices. The bad news: There is no AC up in this place! Just one fan pointing directly at the checkout girl. Even while you’re paying you get no breezy relief. So, I managed to escape before having heat stroke with four items which cost me $20 total.

I purchased a glass liter carafe for chilling iced coffee ($5), a ladle for dishing up soup ($3), a stainless steel turner to use with my cast iron ($3), and a heavy-duty baking sheet to replace the ones I currently have that scare the crap out of me every time they get hot and buckle in the oven ($8). Not too shabby, eh? I probably could’ve made out with more goods, but I could not take the heat so I had to get out of the kitchen supply store. I have a feeling I’ll be back. Probably just not until October or so.


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Mommy Dearest

Happy Mother’s Day! In the last 24 hours, three people have announced to me that they are pregnant (one friend with twins!). So, in honor of these babies-to-be, and all of our mothers of course, I thought I’d post what I sent to my mom for her special day. These snazzy kitchen towels!


These towels I found at House 8810 were perfect because 1) it’s hard to love anything as much as biscuits & gravy (so mamas qualify) and 2) my mom is OBSESSED with coffee—she drinks multiple pots a day, and she has to have “her creamer.” Like, when she comes to visit, I make a special trip to Kroger to buy said creamer and Splenda for her “coffee time” each day. But she’s my mom, so she’s worth it.


To the (TJ) Maxx

Any given trip to your local TJ Maxx could result in purchases from a dress and shoes to candles and perfume to bedding and rugs to work out clothes and yoga mats. (BTW, I have literally purchased all of these things there at one time or another.) But my favorite department is—big surprise—the kitchen accessories! You just never know what treasure you’ll happen upon. And, I have found that TJ Maxx always has that arbitrary strainer/grinder/masher that you randomly need. Good thing it’s only 2 miles from my house.

My latest trip resulted in stainless steel measuring cups and spoons, a sifter (every southern girl needs one, right?), and a meat thermometer (because it was there).

If you like bargain shoppin’ like your mama (as I do), get on over to TJ Maxx. It’s where it’s at. Or, you could go to Ross. They’re a bit more ghetto, but they do have pots for your kitchen.

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Calling All OCD Chefs!

Look! It’s a cutting board designed for obsessively compulsively chopping and dicing. Now, that’s some exactitude right there.

Ina Garten needs one of these. I have seen her use a ruler more than once on her show. And at only $26, she can afford it. Unfortunately, this beauty is already sold out!

I think a few of my friends need this, too. You know who you are.

(Via someecards)

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I heart Arkansas. Literally. (Part 2)

I realized that I’m kind of obsessed with Arkansas-shaped things. Along with the previously mentioned cutting board, I have been looking into an Arkansas necklace. And, just recently, I ran across this little gem. An Arkansas-shaped basket!

How does this relate to food, you ask? Because you should buy this, put fruit in it, and place it on your kitchen table.

Made by Weave Crafters, this Arkansas shape comes in three sizes, as do most other states (except Texas, which comes in 8, naturally). I see Christmas gifts in many people’s futures …

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Food Charts—And We Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Pyramids

There’s a chart revolution going on. Just ask Pop Chart Lab, who has diagrammed things from video game controllers to notable hair cuts to rapper names (which I just so happen to own, ’cause I’m a baller). Pop Chart Lab recently released The Splendiferous Array of Culinary Tools chart. Totally up my alley. I’m contemplating buying it as well. Check it.

These clever folks also introduced me to The Anatomy of a Cupcake and The Perfect Pico de Gallo via this article via via I Love Charts. (I hope I got all that credit right. Sheesh. Blogging is hard.)


This one is my fave. It’s a chart. It’s a recipe. It’s awesome.