killing time between meals

where talking about what's for dinner while you're at lunch is totally acceptable


How loose is your goose? (This goose is totally loose.)

It’s been said that good things come in small packages. And when it comes to East Nashville gem Silly Goose, I’d say this is one restaurant that truly fits that clichéd bill. With only four tables, I put off a trip to the Silly Goose for a while since it can be a bit of a logistical nightmare, but this weekend Christi and I arrived at just the right time with no waiting. (We also learned that SG is expanding, so they will probably be closed for most of May, but it will be totally worth it. Still charming, but easier to navigate.) Stepping into the SG feels a bit like stepping into an illustrated fable. Christi had the roast beef. I had none. But I did have the Lyle’s Surprise, which is one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten (hot cappicola, thommé cheese, arugula pesto, basil, shaved fennel, & balsamic syrup on rosemary focaccia). It will be incredibly hard for me not to order the exact same thing on my next visit, but there is so much to try! And Christi assures me that everything is as delicious as my Lyle. I trust her.

Aside from their inventive sandwiches, drinks & ice creams, SG is known for their couscous, which you can get as a fancified entree or as a side. The best part? You can get a little couscous and a little salad as your side. How great is that? I love options where I get to try more food. These locavores use organic, sustainable ingredients, and they even press their own carrot, beet, etc. juice right in front of your eyes! Very fresh. Very impressive. Very, very good.

Christi and I cleaned our plates. And we were so full that we just had to get dessert. We ordered the Sweet Jane—cinnamon cannoli with orange and honey cream filling, shaved dark chocolate, and blackberry sauce. Light, crispy, creamy, tasty goodness. I can’t wait to try one of their snazzy house-made ice creams next time.

Don’t be silly—get yourself to the East Side and try this fantastic eatery. And if it’s busy, don’t let that deter you—order something to go.

Watch out Marché! The goose may just give you a run for your money in my favorite lunch spot hierarchy. This food makes you want to shake your caboose. (Yeah, shake your caboose.)